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Thin Ply Carbon Fibre

Known for their impressive strength to weight ratios, carbon fibre composites are prevalent in industry today. From aerospace and automotive, to sport and high-end luxury products, the demand continues to grow. This growth, as is expected, has sparked a wave of research into the enhancement of carbon fibre composite properties.

R-TECH Materials, in conjunction with Swansea University and North Thin Ply Technology, are investigating the development of carbon fibre composites using thin-ply technology. A ‘thin-ply’ carbon fibre laminate simply means that the individual layers (prepreg) which make up the material are thinner than convention. Previous research has indicated that the use of thin-ply materials gives rise to increased mechanical properties- partly due to a delayed onset of damage.

The aims of the project are to quantify the potential benefits of thin-ply technology and to further understand why such benefits occur. This will be achieved using mechanical testing, microscopy analysis and thermal analysis