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The use of mechanical couplers has increased significantly in recent years due to their acceptance as a primary substitute for less reliable traditionally lapped rebar splices.  One benefit of using mechanical couplers over traditionally lapped splices is that reinforcement congestion is greatly reduced. This ensures easier and quicker construction on site, while at the same time ensuring that all concrete can be compacted effectively with improved efficiency and quality.

The increasing use of precast concrete has also resulted in a need to find novel techniques to join individual units of precast sections together to form finished structures and this too has prompted the increase in demand for mechanical couplers. Mechanical couplers can be used to allow the continuity of reinforcement between individual units of precast concrete.

Testing Expertise

R-TECH Materials has been providing coupler testing to many of the major manufactures and end users of couplers across the world for over a decade. We have developed many bespoke tests and hold considerable IP in areas related to the mechanical testing of these products.

Our Operations Manager, Dr. Michael Moore, completed his doctorate on the mechanical testing of these joints and is considered an expert in the testing of coupler products.

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