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Product Testing

Wakeboards, bolts, fasteners, aeroplane interiors, bus seats, electrical components, deodorant cans, solar decking lights, karabiners, garden spades even chocolate; our product testing technicians have seen it all.

Sometimes our clients will require their products to be tested to BS, EN or ISO standards but often they request bespoke mechanical testing of their products for quality assurance or to meet their development goals. Our team have become accustomed to the flexibility and innovation required to meet these needs and have experience designing and manufacturing bespoke test fixtures to facilitate all sorts of varying specifications and orientations. Our in-house machining workshop means the design, manufacture and implementation of these test rigs takes place under one-roof under the careful supervision of our product testing team and any changes or adjustments can be easily accommodated.

Some of our clients require single one-off test data or our testing equipment can be set up for ongoing routine and batch testing.

These mechanical testing capabilities are complemented by a full suite of chemical analysis tools and characterisation facilities through our microscopy and SEM laboratory.


Key Services
Tensile Testing
Compression Testing
Flexure Testing
Shear Testing
Elevated Temperature Testing
Hardness Testing
Mechanical Creep
Bespoke Jigs and Fixtures
Chemical Analysis