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Mechanical Testing of Non-Metallics



Capacity and Capability

R-TECH Materials offers a wide range of accredited mechanical testing of non-metallics from 10N-250kN in controlled temperature environments from -70°C to 250°C. We are also capable of testing components at loads of up to 1500kN.

Accredited Testing

Importantly, our composites testing lab has been accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025. A full suite of standard BSI, EN and ASTM composite tests have been approved within this scheme giving our clients peace of mind in the quality of our test procedures.

In addition to the annual obligations and audits to meet the requirements of UKAS we also undergo a rigorous proficiency testing program through DRRR, Kunstoff Institut Lundenscheid and ASTM International

Temperature and Humidity

Our composite testing lab is maintained at the international standard of 23°C and 50% rH at all times. This is the standard for ambient composite testing, however we also have the capability for elevated temperature mechanical testing to 250°C, and sub-ambient testing to -70°C.

Our environmental chambers also allow for complex sample conditioning cycles to be completed in the range between 20% and 98% rH and temperatures between -40°C to 180°C.

Additionally Hot/Wet soaks (70°C 85%rH, Liquid immersion baths and boiling baths can be utilised to condition samples in the lab.

Below is a list of our full UKAS scope of Mechanical Testing of Non-Metallics mechanical testing capability.


ISO 527



ISO 604


BS 2782-3 Method 345A


ISO 178


Compressive Creep


Lap Shear

ASTM D5868

ISO 4587

Climbing Drum Peel

ASTM D1621