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Non-Metallics Testing

With the on-going developments in advanced materials throughout all industrial sectors, never has the testing and analysis of non-metallics been more important. New materials and applications are reaching the market every day and the landscape of manufacturing is rapidly changing because of it.

R-Tech’s non-metallic laboratories provide facilities for detailing the chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of non-metallic materials, components and products. Test programmes have been developed and implemented for plastics, rubbers, ceramics and adhesives for manufacturers and end users alike.

With many tests accredited by UKAS, our clients can be assured of the accuracy and quality of the testing being completed.

Mechanical Testing
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Hardness & Impact Testing
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Chemical Analysis
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Characterisation & Microscopy
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Specimen Preparation
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Additive Manufacturing

The rise of 3D printing is rapidly impacting manufacturing methods, particularly with the use of non-metallic materials. Testing is a vital component to validate this process and ensure the reliability of AM techniques. R-TECH can help meet your requirements in this area through our range of mechanical testing and characterisation services and are competent handling large and small scale components and products.

Injection Moulding Components

Injection moulding is a big part of everyday life, with many components manufactured for all industrial sectors. R-TECH can assist with your process control. From quality control testing of batches, to failure investigation of components, our expert engineers can help you ensure top quality components for your customers needs.


Our adhesive testing can ensure that you can guarantee your batch quality. From peel tests to lap shear tests, we are able to offer a range of mechanical testing to suit your adhesive needs.