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Composites Testing

R-TECH Materials offers fast, reliable and accurate composites testing services across the UK and Europe. Accredited by UKAS and Nadcap,  you can be confident choosing us as your trusted testing partner.  To find out more, contact us today.

Globally, the composites industry is expected to have a continued growth and to reach over $100 billion dollars. This is the demand for high-quality composites testing and analysis has never been greater. We understand that as the demands on you, our customer increase, your need for a fast, reliable and accurate testing service that you can rely on will grow.

We have experience in working with all types of composite materials, from fibreglass to cutting edge graphene infused carbon fibre, or even metal matrix composites and our highly trained expert staff will give you the confidence you need to trust us with your testing and R&D projects. As a business we continually strive to improve every aspect of our composites testing capabilities each and every day, to ensure that we are able to deliver the testing that you need as quickly and accurately as possible.

UKAS and Nadcap Accredited Composites Testing

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Specimen Preparation
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Hardness & Impact Testing
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Characterisation & Microscopy
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Mechanical Testing of Composites
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Volume Fraction
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Chemical Analysis
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Thermal Analysis
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Our Composites Materials Tests Include:
• Polymers
• Sandwich Panels
• Metal Matrix Composites
• Adhesives
• Core Materials (Honeycombs & Foam Cores)
• Fibre Composites (Glass, Carbon, Aramid & Basalt)

A Global Composites Testing Partner

R-TECH Materials is an active participant within the national and international advanced composites community with active membership in ASTM D30, BSI PRI/042 standards committees and Composites UK.

Furthermore, R-TECH Materials is the laboratory partner for Lloyd’s Register EMEA, providing testing services in the field of non-metallic materials and collaborating on common research themes for their global marine business.

We also work closely with Zwick Roell, Germany to provide composite testing training to the industry in the UK.

Composites Testing Memberships

Accredited Composites Testing

Our composites laboratories provide facilities for detailing the chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of composite materials, components and products. We can conduct testing to national, ISO and ASTM standards, or to your own test specifications. With most of our tests accredited by UKAS and Nadcap, you can be assured of the accuracy and quality of the testing being completed.


From developing safety systems for hydrogen fuel cell tanks, to cutting edge thin ply carbon fibre, we have been involved in a number of ground breaking R&D activities with a number of different companies.

Single Fibre Testing

In developing your materials, single fibre testing is sometime a necessity. Our loading arrangement is flexible, allowing for testing of both fibre and coupons on the same rig, with a high level of alignment at loads of up to 10kN.

Coupon Testing

With capacity up to 250kN for machines with alignment calibrated to ASTM E1012, you can guarantee quality, repeatable results when using us as your testing partner. With capacity up to 250kN for machines with alignment calibrated to ASTM E1012, you can guarantee quality, repeatable results when using us as your testing partner.

Fatigue Testing

We have the capability of fatigue testing coupons or components up to 100kN load in tension, compression and flexure.

Awards Winning Composites Testing

R-TECH Materials testing has been recognised by JEC, who awarded them a JEC Asia innovation award for their testing work as part of a collaborative R&D project.


Why aren’t composite tensile specimens dog bones?

The tensile strength and modulus of materials are crucial characteristics that engineers use for component design. This information is determined by means of a simple tensile test. For most materials, a dog bone shape is used in order to promote a failure within the gauge length of the extensometer and prevent grip end failures, but not for composites. Why?


Essential Guide to Composites Testing

Composites are complex materials with unique mechanical properties, requiring skill and expertise to produce accurate and reliable test results. At R-Tech Materials, we have been developing our laboratories for testing composites for a number of years and have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the finer details of composites testing.


R-TECH in the News:

Composites Manager wins Composites UK employee of the year award

R-TECH Materials are proud to announce that Composites Manager Dr Geraint Havard has been awarded the Composites UK employee of the year award 2020. Click here to read more.

R-TECH Materials invests in ZwickRoell’s latest composites testing technology

R-TECH Materials has invested in a new ZwickRoell 10 kN AllroundLine universal testing machine for its rapidly growing polymer and composites test laboratory. Click here to read more.