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Chemical Analysis

Analysis of the chemical make-up of materials is vital in understanding a material’s properties and behaviour in service. This is true for all materials and for many of our clients their materials, components or products will have to meet detailed specifications on the chemical properties of the material in use.

A myriad of destructive and non-destructive techniques exists to analyse the chemical properties of materials. These techniques tend to vary greatly for non-metallics and metallics and there is often skill in identifying the correct technique for a given process or material.

R-TECH’s laboratories include a comprehensive suite of chemical analysis techniques and where we can not complete the test in-house, we have key partners in place to provide quick-turnaround of results. We complete the following analysis regularly:

Chemical Composition

  • Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur Analysis by LECO Combustion
  • OES    (Optical Emission Spectroscopy)
  • XRD    (X Ray Diffraction)
  • SEM / EDX   (Scanning Electron Microscope / Energy Dispersive XRay Spectroscopy)
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification – Semiquantative Portable XRF)

Wet Chemistry

R-TECH Materials has experienced analysts who have many years experience in the development of analytical techniques, as well as the performance of standard tests. All standard laboratory equipment is available. We are able to work to national or international standards or client specifications as required.