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Welding Consultancy

The joining of metallic materials by welding represents a series of unique challenges for engineers. The relative complexity of the various welding processes, the material changes which occur with welding from melting and solidification, through to accelerated cooling and the influence of heat affected microstructures, and the influence of the welder’s technique, the environment, consumables etc all have an influence on the performance of the welded joint. Welding Engineers therefore need to have a wide-ranging knowledge of processes, metallurgy, design etc in order to put in place the appropriate controls to achieve welds of consistent quality and integrity.

R-Tech Materials have experienced and qualified welding technologists who are able to advise on welding processes, quality systems, welding procedure and welder qualification across the range of structural metallic materials.

In addition, our consultancy department is experienced in examining problems associated with welding, including failure analysis and plant integrity issues, particularly on high temperature plant.