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Plant Integrity

Engineering plant can be subject to incredibly harsh operating conditions. With that in mind, plant design and materials selection philosophies are refined based upon ideal operating conditions and a pre-defined design life. Deviation from the specified design parameters can expose components to accelerated materials degradation mechanisms. Such encounters can impact upon the integrity of plant itself.

R-TECH Materials have extensive knowledge of materials degradation induced by high temperature, cyclical operation and a variety of corrosion mechanisms. This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the plant itself, is essential when defining an effective inspection regime. This data can then be utilised to undertake a detailed integrity assessment of the affected plant, helping to determine the fitness for service, the remaining plant life and possible opportunities for life extension.

Examples Of Our Work

  • Carburisation study on Platformer heater tubes in an oil refinery.

  • Sigma phase assessment on a pressure vessel in the nuclear industry.

  • Failure investigation of a gasifier secondary airline.

  • Integrity assessment of the steam drum on the incineration and heat recovery plant at a sewage works.

  • Metallurgical assesment of the outlet headers on two steam‐methane reformers.


Plant Integrity Summary

Click here for a PDF simple summary of our plant integrity services.


Paper: Carburization and Metal Dusting in Fired Heaters and Steam Methane Reformers: Plant Integrity Issues

The following paper was delivered at the Materials Performance and Welding Technologies Conference in Saudi Arabia in September 2017.


Example Report

An integrity assessment of a welded section from a steam drum.