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Materials Consultancy

R-TECH Materials’ broad offering of materials consultancy services have one goal in common; to understand and eliminate material under-performance through the application of our extensive materials knowledge and industrial experience.

The consistent and predictable performance of engineering materials has always been essential in the creation of any product or structure from nano-scale computer chips to  record-breaking skyscrapers. When materials are not properly understood and are applied incorrectly, a plethora of problems can occur. Some of these can be non-critical such as uneconomical production or a poorly performing product or process. But other problems can be critical, leading to loss of market share, product failure, health & safety incidents or even fatality.

Key Services
Failure Analysis
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Expert Witness
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Welding Consultancy
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Product Development
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Specification Development

On-Site Support

R-Tech Materials has extensive experience of undertaking various onsite activities whether it’s to complement our failure investigation and plant integrity work or simply to find out more about a component without having to destructively test it. This can be particularly helpful in large industrial plant and process lines where minimising down-time is critical – click here to read more.

Our Approach

We know that each of our clients faces unique challenges in their own organisations and industries. As such, each client has unique materials needs and so our goal is to deliver to you what you want and when you want it, even when time is tight. This commitment to rapid turnaround sometimes means we find ourselves on top of an oil refinery on a Sunday afternoon or working in the lab late into the night. But we try to instil in our teams a flexible and responsive culture that means the needs of customers dictate how and when we deliver our work.

Knowledge & Experience

R-TECH Materials’ team of engineers, metallurgists, materials scientists and chemists have a wealth of experience in providing consultancy services to industry. This experience spans many industrial applications such as aerospace, oil & gas, metals manufacture, automotive and construction which means we are just as comfortable supporting development engineers working on an electronic component as we are providing on-site services to large scale plant.