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R-TECH Materials provides a range of services to the power generation sector for conventional, nuclear and renewable sectors. We have a particular expertise in power plant, where our plant integrity experts have an international reputation, and regularly publish and present at state-of-the-art conferences.

R-TECH Materials services for the power sector include:

  • Plant integrity assessment
  • Failure analysis
  • On site condition assessment
  • Expert witness
  • Research and Development

R-TECH Materials is able to supply a complete plant integrity service for the power sector, including:

  • Design and materials evaluation
  • Fitness for service
  • Remaining life prediction
  • Life extension, performance optimisation
  • Safety, risk and reliability management
  • Failure analysis and problem solving

R-TECH Materials specialise in laboratory-based materials failure investigation, and regularly work in the power generation sector. Our highly qualified and experienced team is skilled at interpreting the failure evidence at macro and micro level, and assimilating the data together into a coherent report maximising the interpretative data supplied to the client. We regularly get excellent feedback from our international client base. Laboratory-based investigations can be supported with on-site assessment where required, including in-situ metallography, chemical analysis and hardness testing.

We have a particular expertise in high temperature plant, where the use of austenitic stainless steels in certain types of power plant is common. We have conducted a number of research and development programmes on the thermal degradation of austenitics, and have developed a unique life assessment tool based on plant condition assessment, and our own world-leading in-house model, which is the result of several years of research.


Key Services
  • Failure Investigation When plant or equipment fails, a root cause analysis investigation by our consultancy team can provide invaluable data for process development or health and safety improvements. Find out more.
  • On Site Services Our team of professional engineers are experienced in providing on site inspection, analysis, testing and replication of industrial plant. Find out more here.
  • Plant Integrity Assessing the design, fitness for service and remaining life of power generation plant is critical to the ongoing safe delivery of power to the grid. We help our clients stay ahead of the game. Find out more.
  • Research & Development With the ever increasing demands for safe, cost-effictive and low-carbon power generation innovation and R&D is paramount to the industry. We have partnered in several R&D projects in the power generation sector as well as led some of our own.